Renovation Project Gallery

Creating livable space that fits your personality, budget and dreams.

Living Room Renovation

Wallpaper removal, painting, flooring, carpet installation, and more.

Bathroom Renovation

Wallpaper removal, painting, new window, new tub with tiling, new sink, flooring and more.

Family Room Renovation

Floor restroation, painting, new staircase and more.

Kitchen Renovation

Wallpaper removal, painting, new floors, new radiator covers, new cabinets, countertops and more.

Family Room Renovation

Wallpaper removal, painting, new floor, new radiator cover and more.

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Ciabattoni Painting and Remodeling is ready to transform your space into a refuge for relaxation and comfort. Home renovation increases livability and comfort in your house. Ciabattoni can add improvements that will serve you and your family for years to come. So what better time to start than now.

Add style and function to your home with a kitchen remodel that will turn heads. A good kitchen remodel will add value to your home, make your cooking process easier and breathe new life to your home. Kitchens are often the center of the home where families gather for activities. Think about what will make your home hub more functional and enjoyable. Do you gather informally in the kitchen? Consider installing a breakfast bar to benefit your family’s needs. Would you benefit from more natural light? Are your lighting fixtures outdated and need upgrades? You many consider updates to the cabinets. Perhaps, your dream kitchen includes intuitive cabinet space, like pullout pantries and hidden appliances. Ciabattoni provides kitchen renovations that can make your dreams a reality.

A living room remodel can spice up the home and even add more space. If your kitchen connects to your living room, you may consider removing an interior non-load-bearing wall to help you get that open floor plan that today’s families desire. If your living room is used for family gatherings, be sure to have sufficient natural light. Natural light can transform rooms. Choose the perfect color palate.

A bathroom remodel will add value to your home, update the overall style, and fit your current needs. As you plan your bathroom remodel,┬ábe sure to improve functionality, storage and comfort. You’ll want to explore the variety of flooring as well as tiling available for your shower. Do you use a bathtub? A bathtub is not always a necessity. If your house includes another family bathroom that has a tub/shower combination, there is no reason why your master bath can’t pass on the bathtub in exchange for a larger, more luxurious shower. Humidity can be a bathroom’s enemy. A good fan will make a huge difference, but consider a possible window in your shower. Ventilation is key in bathrooms and natural ventilation always works best. Have you considered changing or adding to your current lighting? Lighting can improve the functionality and mood of the space. No matter what improvements you are searching for in your bathroom remodel, the goal should always improve functionality, storage and comfort.

A home renovation should make your space more efficient, more functional, and more stylish. When planning what kind of home renovation you want done to improve your space, consider reaching out to local experts at Ciabattoni Painting and Remodeling.